Catch it All on Film

If you are interested in extreme sports – and that means everything from snowboarding, to jetskiing, to parkour, to rock climbing – then this is an incredibly exhilarating and exciting hobby. Extreme sports are so named because they are just that – extreme – and compared to other sports they involve more danger, more speed and more power. Often they are also outdoors and they almost always involve amazing moments where you have to use your quick reactions and agility to pull off something incredible. It wakeboarding you might leap over a huge wave and pull off an amazing spin, in paintballing you might leap backwards Max Payne-style and dodge a bullet while firing off rounds, in rock climbing you might dyno (that means ‘launch’) yourself up a cliff face to catch a ledge above you. There are many amazing moments in extreme sports for sure, and against the backdrop of crystal blue waters or dizzying heights they really look incredible.

The downside though is that these are rarely spectators’ sports unless you’re a world famous athlete. In other words you will do this on your own, or with a few other people, and you will then be left to tell tales of what you accomplished rather than to have other people see what you did. When you get older, all you will have are memories.

This is also true because it’s incredibly difficult to capture these moments on film. The amazing jumps and the leaps are momentary split second things that go by in a blur and few people would be able to quickly capture the action. At the same time if you are leaping across a gap high up in the air, then other people might simply be unable to follow at all. You might take a camera yourself, but there’s a high chance of damaging it.

That’s where GoPro comes in. GoPro is essentially a brand of camera designed specifically for extreme sports and similar activities, and by using GoPro and GoPro accessories it’s possible to record even the most action packed and amazing moments on camera and on film.

The way GoPro works is by attaching itself to either your helmet or your vehicle/board. This then means that you can climb, jump and drive and not worry about having your hands busy filming. Because they have a lot of space on the GoPro HD memory card, that then means you can leave them recording the whole time and not worry about missing anything.

Furthermore GoPro cameras and GoPro accessories are also of course designed to stand up to punishment. They have sturdy and rigid cases so that should they get dropped or scraped against a wall they will be sure to survive and not smash into thousands of pieces. On top of this GoPro cameras are small enough and light enough not to effect your ability.

Of course all of this is great news if you want to capture the action but means it’s in 1st person. Of course though the camera is then there for if you want to remove it and mount it to a rock or if you want to point it at yourself, and it also means you can easily record other people in action.