A Goodbye and a Thank You

Don’t be sad it’s over. Be happy you were along for the ride. (Getty)

I’m going to let you all in on a little secret. There has never been a moment — not once — where I felt like I deserved the recognition or praise that came my way for RAB. I’m not oblivious to the site’s success and to this day I have a hard time wrapping my head around it, but I don’t feel I’ve earned it.

To me, I’m just a guy who had an internet connection and met the right people at the right time, has a love of dingers and Mariano Rivera frontdoor cutters …

… and has a curiosity about baseball. When we launched RAB, it started as a passion project, and I did my best to keep up with Joe and Ben. We’ve added writers over the years to reduce my workload and also to bring different perspectives to the site, and I felt the same way. I’ve just been trying to keep up.

I never expected RAB to become what it did or last as long as it did or lead to where it did, and I feel I played only a … Read More...

A Guide to Life After RAB

How it all started.

In the three weeks since we announced RAB is shutting down, I’ve been overwhelmed by thank yous and people reaching out to tell me what RAB means to them. It means a lot to me (to us) and I thank everyone who reached out.

In those three weeks I’ve also been overwhelmed by folks asking where they can get their Yankees fix going forward. With no more RAB, people want to know where to go next, so I figured it was worth putting together this “guide to life after RAB” post. It feels presumptuous (who made me bloglord?), but people want it, so here it is.

Going forward, the RAB website will remain live so you can go back through the archives, though the site will not be updated. Our Twitter account @RiverAveBlues will remain active though. That’s easy enough. Here is everything I could cobble together for the post-RAB world. I hope this helps, and thank you again for reading.

“RAB Thoughts” Patreon

In our shutdown post I said I was considering a mailing list/newsletter type thing with a weekly “thoughts” style post. Posts like this. You’ve seen plenty of them even if … Read More...

RAB: Origins

(Al Bello/Getty)

Contemplating the end of RAB, I thought of its origins. Why did the three of us come together to create this site?

Ben covered the basics in his own farewell post so apologies if I’m covering known ground. But this is the story as I remember and can document it.

In 2006 we were all writing on our own blogs — The Sporting Brews, Off The Facade, In George We Trust. At that stage in the evolution of blogging everyone read everyone else’s blogs, so we were all familiar with each other’s work. Ben and I both started new jobs in the second half of 2006 and were posting less frequently than we had previously. When Ben asked me to join him on Off The Facade, which was part of a network and much bigger than my puny operation, it was an easy yes. And so it began.

After a few months things were going well, but not exceptionally well. The network was having some technical issues. We felt a little stifled in terms of what we could write. On a Wednesday in mid-January, Ben emailed:

I’m getting really sick of all of this [network] server downtime and


Our Back Pages: A Farewell To All This

(Rob Tringali/Getty)

A lifetime ago, Joe and I were in charge of the Yankees site for the Most Valuable Network, a long-defunct sports blog network, when we decided we could do a better job on our own. We wanted Minor League content too and invited Mike along for the ride. We felt we could provide comprehensive Yankee coverage from a fan perspective and do a better job than anyone else out there. It was typical early 20s hubris from a bunch of kids with internet hookups, and somehow it all worked out.

Twelve years and over 28,000 posts later, we decided it was time to say good bye, but quitting is never easy. Beyond the ins and outs of the Yanks’ rocky 2010s, we’ve all been through a lot together – job changes, career changes, grad school, weddings, births. We started out as business partners and became fast friends, adding Jay a few years in to keep everything humming smoothly.

At some point, though, over the years for each of us, what started as a passion project becomes less fun and more of a burden. I couldn’t keep up with posting after law school ended and my current career began. … Read More...

A thank you to RAB, where it all started for me

(Al Bello/Getty)

In January 2017, the Yankees were doing the “Winter Warm-Up” series to introduce newer players to the fanbase through sandwich workshops, surprising ticketholders, going to museums, etc. At one point, they also had a presser at the Yankee Stadium. I was informed of the opportunity to cover it for River Avenue Blues and simply took it. I had dreamed of being a part of the press corp at the Yankee Stadium someday and it was happening.

While I was soaking it all in in the Yankee Stadium hallways, all by myself, I saw Brian Cashman walking from a distance. I would recognize that face from just about anywhere. I was wearing a University of Maryland jacket at the time. Cashman, who also went to a school in Washington, DC area (Catholic University of America), saw that. He said, “Maryland, huh?” We had a little conversation about DC area, the winter weather, the Yankees, etc. At some point, he looked at the credential card hanging below my neck and said this:

“River Avenue Blues! Love the website. I read it all the time.”

I’m not going to sugarcoat that comment too much. It’s obviously a weighty praise especially given … Read More...

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