Uses of Powered Para Gliders

A natural extension of the wing is in power. Many pilots are buzzing only to less than 150 meters and slowly formed and movement from A to B. It is a wonderful sport for ordinary people move very slowly at low altitude with precise control. Paragliders are useful in the advertising hook.

Companies pay well for the large letters that are attached to the sail. Let’s see the enormous burst of words or a logo color when the glider is flying to. Another way is to advertise for the driver to tow a banner that is connected to a short cable hanging form the basis for the engine. For gliders, it can go much closer to the large crowd that is great exposure for the advertiser. Another technique is to suspend a pot of colored smoke, leaving a trail of color in the sky.

It is not necessary for the engine to take photos or videos of the candle. Under the theme of a motor vehicle may be driven at a constant height of all several hundred to several thousand feet. For the sailing speed is between 15 and 25 mph, nothing will change quickly, so that administrators can take detailed pictures and easily. Sometimes, PPG tandems are also used. In these cases, the pilot will focus on the flight where a passenger taking photographs. Paved areas are not required, are needed for takeoff and landing compared to other types of powered aircraft. PPG are very economical to operate. A plant biologist likes to do his field work, flying over the trees and plants. A paramotor is your first choice for making these observations; it is very cheap for its investigation.

You can obtain information on the diversity of plants and how all the different ways in which these plants collect light through the observation of low-altitude air and during the boat trip in Para. All these things that the researcher cannot get from the manufacturers usually paragliding, but must be Para gliders. Altair Aerospace Company has developed an international search report LEAP Micro UAV. For this planners power can be used for military purposes. This cool device can be programmed to fly on their and can even take pictures of enemy soldiers’ fun. As a model airplane, the operator can make it fly.

For powered paragliding; you can stand in the air for eight hours and can carry a payload of 23 kg. For the more impressive LEAP glider that can withstand up to 55 hours in the air and up to 1090 kg pods monitoring equipment which will also include the weight of fuel.