The Multiple Connotations of Go Karting

Speeding holds multiple connotations for different people. For some it is defiance, for others thrill, freedom, one-upmanship, power and the list is endless. Though it’s just speed, it’s surely more complex than the way it sounds. The enjoyment and everything associated with it emerged after man learnt to attain and conquer swiftness.

After all horse-racing is one of the oldest sport in the history of humankind.

Speed has been a part of our popular culture, history, folklores, mythologies.

And in real life too, it is all around us. And yet, it remains enchanting.

In a similar vein various connotations are associated with Go Karting today. Over the past few years, it hasn’t just restricted itself to an amusement activity, but has become famous for blending business and pleasure.

Indoor Go Kart Racing tracks at Mb2raceway’s two locations Thousand Oaks and Sylmar provides enthralling Go Karting experience for young and old alike. The European made exclusive electric Karts are designed to blowout low emission, while the controlled atmosphere lets people celebrate and carry out any activity in the most unorthodox manner.

The Races

The races are of various kinds.

Following each race, the player gets a score card that contains every contender’s performance. The high-tech timing method also enables the contenders to see their lap timings and racing positions in the actual-time throughout every race, on a huge projector. In fact, the players can also visit online and see how did they fare in a particular race. They can even see the lap timings, find the best timings of a given day, of a week or a year.

Indoor Go Karting at Mb2raceway has a lot more to provide. It presents you with an array of racing modules. A typical race in the Go Karting track spans around Ten minutes. Besides, there are several sets of packages that are designed for 2, 3 or 4 race modules and are classified under mini grand prix, grand prix and super grand prix. Not just that, there are tailor made modules too, which can be made to suit any big or small group. It can be a module of few races or it can be a complete tournament. The choice rests with the group entirely.

Everything is Celebrated

From birthday parties to bachelor parties or retirement parties, as well as staff appreciation, corporate luncheons and whatnot, everything’s wonderfully taken care of at the Indoor Go Karting tracks of Thousand Oaks and Sylmar.

The place is quite well known for hosting great get togethers in the whole of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. The parties may be a plain racing event having usual refreshments, and can even be studded with all the facilities by giving entry to DJs, VIP rooms, Casinos and all the exclusivity you can think of.

If your age group lies anywhere between six to sixty years, Mb2raceway can give you an event, you’d cherish for the rest of your life.

The Go Karting scenario has not just gone bigger from big in the recent years, but has also witnessed a fun element being attached to it more recently. People come to Go Karting racing venues to relax and go home rejuvenated after loud and cheerful sessions. Whether with friends or colleagues or just alone, a place like this can bring back the excitement that sometimes goes missing from our lives.


So whatever speed connotes for you, mixing it with a little bit of fun would not just double it but heighten it to a degree beyond comparison. And Mb2raceway is the place where excitement and joy knows no limits. A perfect way to unwind and enjoy.