Tandem Skydive – Experience Freefall

Want to experience a freefall without any fear and fuss? Go for Tandem Skydive! It is a kind of a parachuting, where the skydiver is connected to its tandem instructor with a harness. The instructor guides the student skydiver throughout the jump from exit till the landing. In this style of jumping, the skydiver requires minimal instructions before the action. Tandem skydive is basically used as a training method for the beginners.

This is one of the very popular training techniques meant for skydivers, who are going for the jump for the very first time. The beauty of tandem skydive is that the first-time diver does not have to worry about anything. The whole responsibility goes to the trainer or instructor. For this type of freefall, the companies pick highly experienced skydivers, as this training requires a lot of activities to be performed, such as, how to jump off the plane, how to land, how to maneuver during the fall. Although the main activity of tandem skydive continues to be safe landing and timely deployment of the parachute.

How much cost is included?

Many people think that the by choosing tandem skydive they would also need to pay the fees of the trainers separately. It is certainly a costly method of freefall as compared to others, however does not comprise any training fee. The cost of this life-time experience is not fixed, as some companies charge for their high quality services, while for others it depends on the market value.

Where does security stands?

All the companies across the globe are strictly instructed by the federations to never put the client’s safety on stake, the complete safety of any skydiver is based on the quality of the parachute. This is the reason the skydiving companies cannot buy any parachute in New Zealand without having proper approvals and checks. Even the hiring of any professional also needs approval from these federations. The instructors themselves have to go under various tests, health checkups and trainings after every three to six months to make sure that they are fit enough to take someone’s responsibility.

Tandem skydive is fun, although a very risky sport. A minor mistake can lead to many unexpected outcomes. Therefore, the equipments that are needed for this sport are compulsorily required to be modified and updated periodically. Moreover as a company, the experts are also required to take several actions to make sure that they are updated about new risks and equipments.

So if you are planning to experience tandem skydive and are seeking to book your jump date with any skydiving company, just confirm that they have right and updated equipments, certified and experienced instructors and most importantly it is an association – affiliated to skydiving institute.