Inflatable Slide Installation Method

1: First, if conditions permit, the best on the ground to place a mattress (such as carpet, plastic color of the cloth may be), then the inflatable products facilities in the top flat rolled out to wait for inflation.

2: Locate the air inlet of the inflatable products, stroking along, to ensure the normal air intake out of the wind, then the fan outlet and pneumatic equipment air inlet phase, and the fan port and facilities for the port to connect properly tied.

3: Then, detect whether the fan is normal, inflatable product is folded at.

4: Finally, the products supporting the fan power, the equipment will be a few minutes after the inflatable product to charge up.

Installation of fan support:First, the number of meters to use the normal standard home cable, connecting with fans, the other end of the air switch and connected to an electric shock protector.

Then, the detection power, voltage and fan are consistent with the correct direction of rotation of the preparatory work.

Finally, the chassis on a ground, and regularly check the air inlet of the fan on the protective net to avoid accidents. Blow into.

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About The Inflatable Bounce House

When we go outside, we may see the kids’ paradise on the square or the in the mall. Some of these kids’ paradise is made up by a few stake and some tarpaulins. Although it is cover with some soft material in every place of the kids’ paradise, it is still hard for kids, especially they are jumping. However, the inflatable bounce house is filled with air, kids would feel comfortable when they are bouncing and colliding into the bounce house. It is much safer than the stakes-and-tarpaulins one.

There are many types of inflatable bounce house. Some are attached with slide, rock wall, basket, or obstacles. Kids can have a great fun in these inflatable bounce houses.

The inflatable bounce house can be use in the resident or commercials. If you want to have a resident one, you can choose a small one. Or for the commercials, you can choose the large one. In short, the dimension is decided by you. When choosing the dimension, we should consider the space you want to place the inflatable bounce house is. Besides for placing the bounce house, we should also make room for the blower systems.

The materials of the inflatable …

Inflatable Clown Slides

Kids all like sliders. When they slide from the top to the bottom, they feel they are flying. But parents are always busy on work. It is not easy to find times to take the kid to play slides. But, the inflatable clown slide would be a good choice to save your time while please your children.

The inflatable clown slide is suitable for the kids who are 1 to 12 years old. It is possible to be used at outdoor events. It has 3 slides in it. It’s convenient for the family which has several children. It can avoid that the kids will have a quarrel about the turn. Your kid can also invite their friends to your home and have fun in it .While sliding, there is a clown waving his hands to the kids. It is 10m length, 4m wide and 6m high. It weights 297kg. It is certificated by the CE, SGS, En14960 and En71. The inflatable clown slide is of good quality.

The inflatable clown slide which product number is GI145 is made of 0.55mm PLATO PVC Tarpaulin. Good material never afraid the quality problems. It is of high tear strength, flame retardant M2/B1, flame … Read More...

How To Setting Up Your Child's Inflatable Bouncer

Has your youngster viewed an inflatable bouncer someplace in your neighborhood and now would like you to acquire him one? If you are like most parents you want to do anything at all inside of your electrical power to make your child happy and keep him happy, so you will most likely get the bouncer for him to perform jump close to in. The only concern is: How do you set up the inflatable bounce toy that he needs? These issues may look a very little bit scary to set up, but when you have the proper information you will be capable to do it a great deal faster and much easier than you believe.

The very first thing that you will want to do is choose a site in your garden exactly where you are heading to set the bouncer. You will want to make certain that you have a stage location to set it so that it sumo suits does not lean to the facet and probably fall through although you kid and his pals are in it jumping around. If the bouncer faller you might have a great deal of harm young children on your palms.

When …

Have an Inflatable Castle is a Good Dream of Your Children

Have you heard about fairy tale? If you do, you must have dreamed about having an inflatable castle yourself, and you are the king or the queen living in it happily.

Although, it sounds crazy to have a castle, dreams will come true one day. We can not have a castle which is built by stone, but we can have one which is inflatable. If you are excited when hear this, and so do the children.

Kids are always ordered no jumping, no scratching, and even no running. All of these just because the parents worry that they will get hurt when jumping or running. But if you have an inflatable castle, your kids will be very happy to have a lawful jump or run in the castle.

Our product, which product number is GL128, is 5.2m length, 5.2 wide and 4.5m height, it is suitable for placing indoor or outdoor. And it is enough places for the kids to jump and run. Since our product use the 0.55mm PVC which is of high tear strength, the kids are not easy to make the product damage. The inflatable castle is also height enough. The kids won’t jump beyond the castle … Read More...

Cool Fun With Inflatable Water Slides

Summer days can really be harsh. You just went home from your beach vacation and you’re raring to go back there again. Why? Because the heat back home is unbearable. You might as well sit idly under the cool Florida sun and have the time of your life. Unfortunately, that’s a very expensive endeavor. Imagine spending three months on a vacation just to let the summer pass you by. If you’re filthy rich, money is not a problem. But if you’re just like anyone of us who needs to go to work everyday and can only afford a few days off, then that thought certainly is just a dream.

But then again, it might not be. You could be on a summer vacation all season long and still report to work everyday. Want to know how’s that possible? It’s simple. All you really need is an inflatable water slide – and a pool of course. For as long as you have a pool around the house, you can turn it into something special, like as if you’re in a vacation and not inside your homes.

There are different types of pools and some of them can be installed in a … Read More...