Have an Inflatable Castle is a Good Dream of Your Children

Have you heard about fairy tale? If you do, you must have dreamed about having an inflatable castle yourself, and you are the king or the queen living in it happily.

Although, it sounds crazy to have a castle, dreams will come true one day. We can not have a castle which is built by stone, but we can have one which is inflatable. If you are excited when hear this, and so do the children.

Kids are always ordered no jumping, no scratching, and even no running. All of these just because the parents worry that they will get hurt when jumping or running. But if you have an inflatable castle, your kids will be very happy to have a lawful jump or run in the castle.

Our product, which product number is GL128, is 5.2m length, 5.2 wide and 4.5m height, it is suitable for placing indoor or outdoor. And it is enough places for the kids to jump and run. Since our product use the 0.55mm PVC which is of high tear strength, the kids are not easy to make the product damage. The inflatable castle is also height enough. The kids won’t jump beyond the castle … Read More...