Planning Your Business' Deliveries Around The Olympics

Now there is not much doubt that the Olympics is the greatest show on Earth, and with London 2012 fast approaching you may be looking forward to seeing the games on a personal level, but have you thought about the impact it might have on a business level?

You may be in the North of England or in the West Country and not think that the Olympics will impact your business at all. However do you ship any parcels to customers in the course of running your business? Or are you reliant on receiving goods in parcels to go about your business e.g. it could be you run an Internet based business and regularly send out goods in parcels, or you run a retail clothes shop and rely on getting in new stock delivered by a parcel courier.

Well if your business is similar to the above two scenarios then you need to start planning for how the Olympics are going to affect you right now. This is because many parcel couriers are unable to offer next day delivery during the Olympics if your parcel happens to pass through London on its way to or from you. There are widespread road closures across central London that will be in place from the last week in July until the middle of August as part of the Olympic road traffic plan.

Inevitably that will mean a lot of delays as traffic and in particular parcel courier vans are re-routed around the area. Indeed one journey that was just two miles is now subject to a sixteen mile diversion! Whilst you may think that this will just impact deliveries being made in central London, it will affect you if your parcel is in transit between two depots and it has to go via London.

It is even worse if your business is inside the Olympic zone as there will be additional security checks and in the case of parcel courier vans all parcels may need to be pre-approved, and sent in cases that can be easily be opened to be searched. As you can imagine if each parcel van has just thirty parcels on it then the delays on searching the van will be considerable.

So it is wisest to check with all of the parcel couriers that you use as to what plan they have in place for handling delays due to the Olympics, the good news is that many parcel couriers have been planning for this for several months.