Keep The Innocent And Lively of The Kids

Some parents always complaint that their kids are very naughty. They always bounce on the sofa or bed. The furniture always needs to be sent to repair or much worse, changing the new one. They also like creeping in the floor, which is of many bacteria, so the parents need to clean the floor daily. Ever though they put a ban on bouncing and creeping, kids won’t take these in mind. However, naughty is the natural character of kids. Prohibiting them bouncing and creeping seems to deprive the innocent and lively of the kids. How to make them have the right to be naughty, and do not destroy the furniture at the same time? Finding an exclusive place which allows bouncing and creeping, and the most important is that it is durable and clean. Now, the blue bouncer slide combination may delight your kids.

The size of blue bouncer slide combination is 5.5 meters length, 6 meters wide and 2.8 meters height. It is suitable to place in the backyard.

The blue bouncer slide combination is made of 2 parts. One is the bouncer, and the other one is the slide. The bounce is spacious. Kids can bounce wantonly in it. And you can check the condition inside through the transparent wall.

If the kids are tired of the bouncing, they can climb the climbing wall and have a slither. The climbing wall is in the bouncing house. The footholds are safe enough for kids to climb to the top of the slide. The colors of the footholds and the wall are quit clear so that the kids can distinguish the footholds easily. The gradient is suitable for kids, so it can control the speed not to be too fast and too slow. There is a cushion wall surrounded by half to the bottom. The cushion wall can avoid the kids dropping into the ground.

This product is made of 0.45mm PLATO PVC tarpaulin. The tear strength is excellent. Kids can enjoy their bouncing ungovernable. What’s more, the PLATO PVC tarpaulin is of anti-mildew treatment. You can be at ease to allow the kids creep in the bounce.

If you think it is too narrow to place it indoor, you can settle outdoor. Since the blue bouncer slide combination is of great excellent UV-resistance, cold weather resistance and waterproof, you don’t need to worry about the weather problem.

The blue bouncer slide combination is easy to install and dismantle. And the size of it is 140??94??94 cm when it is packed. It is convenient to storage.