Flying Up With Hot Air Ballooning

Have you ever thought of going up to the air and have a quiet and peaceful time looking at the view with a vantage point from the sky? This is actually possible. However, being in an airplane can be slightly different. Sometimes it may seem a bit dizzy to look down from the window; even more when you’re in a helicopter and the sound of the propeller is very loud that you can’t even hear anything else other than the loud noise. Hot air ballooning, on the other hand, may seem a bit frightening compared with airplanes and helicopters because it’s just like a basket and a big cloth. But still it is the perfect one because it is quiet, peaceful, and has a great view. Once you’re already up there, you won’t feel any fear at all because of less movement.

Hot air ballooning is one sport or sometimes being referred to as a hobby where people get to ride on hot balloons and see the views from up above. This is actually not a usual sport to a lot of people. To most people, it is not actually a sport but more of just an occasional ride like riding a gondola in Venice or a Ferris wheel in Paris.

You may be asking why we refer it as a sport or hobby. There are actually hot air balloon festivals that are arranged in many parts of the United States and other countries as well. Sometimes, there are also competition of hot air ballooning. These competitions are not about speed but it’s about accuracy. In this game, they are given a target spot on the ground and the pilot of the hot air balloon must drop their weighted marker on the targeted spot. The person closest to the target is the winner. This game may look as if it’s an easy game, but it’s not. It is actually difficult dropping things when you’re high above the ground and with all the wind that is affecting your drop.

Any kind of sport will always be associated with hazards. Hot air ballooning may also encounter a lot of accidents but not usually. The most frequent accidents in hot air ballooning is getting contact with the power lines, collision with something mid-air possible a flock of birds or a long tree, and striking an object while landing. The reason why power line accidents frequently happen is because there are hot air balloon pilots often try to land on highways rather than off roads so that it will be easier for them to clean up their hot air balloons afterwards. Of course, there are also instances that there are failures with the equipment of hot air balloons but this thing happens very rarely because pilots always double check their equipments before taking off.

Despite of the accidents that we hear about hot air ballooning, still it’s a great thing to experience. Accidents may happen at any place and at any time regardless of what kind of activity it is, but still you wouldn’t want fear to stop you from taking a great hot air balloon ride, would you?