Flexifoil Sting Review

Flexifoil sting review

Here is my review of the Flexifoil sting. I will divide it up into three sections. First, its contents with, two, any new features, and finally and most importantly, how it flies.


As is to be expected with Flexifoil, the Sting 2 comes with absolutely everything that the kite flyer needs to get them up and flying straight out of the bag. It all comes packaged in a great looking drawstring ruck-sack, it looks really great and has a real sort of urban jungle feel to it. The Sting comes with a great set of high quality, foam covered quad line handles. The lines are super high quality too, as with most dyneema lines these days they have been pre-stretched, this eliminates any stretching on first flight which can result in uneven lines.

New Features:

The sting two is even more stable than the previous versions, this is because Flexifoil have used the latest research and development techniques to enhance the profile of the sting 2. A Gauze covered leading edge allows for superior performance and means that it cuts through the air far more cleanly. New localised reinforcements mean that the sting 2 is even more durable than the first generation

What’s it like to fly?

I flew the 3.3m, which is the biggest size that the Flexifoil Sting 2 comes in. The other sizes that are available are 1.2m, 1.7m and 2.4m. When flying the Sting the first thing that hits you is just how stable it is, even when the wind started to pick up later in the day it sting remained incredibly controllable and precise. The 3.3m did actually produce a fair amount of pull and you could see the advantages of buggy riders keeping a Sting in the armoury for really gusty days. Whilst being incredibly stable, the sting is also quite an agile kite and responds to inputs really well. It is, in my opinion a more responsive and agile kite than the HQ Beamer which is one of the stings main rivals.


I personally think that the Flexifoil Sting is a really great kite, it has all the ingredients of a perfect entry level quad-line power kite. The quality of the product is outstanding, even down to the stitching on the foil and the bridle lines. The kite also looks fantastic in the air and I would definitely recommend this kite to anyone looking for their first quad line power kite.