Comeback Athletes For The London Olympic 2012

The comeback tales have always fascinated and motivated us in numerous ways. Olympic Games have a list of such stories that has always inspired the athletes to perform better and set higher standards of sportsmanship spirit. It is always the combination of single minded focus on the set goals and the never dying attitude of the athletes towards the sport that has led to achieve such comebacks. What goes on behind the minds of such athletes,who tend to define the physical limitation which comes with every sport? American swimmers like Anthony Ervin, Brenda Hansen; Romanian gymnast Catalina Ponor; American sprinter Justin Gatlin and American cyclist Kristin Armstrong are few of those athletes who have made a successful comeback in the Olympic Games. It is possible to buy imagesof these athletes who have set new benchmark and are an inspiration for the millions of their fans.

Nearly all of them had given upon games earlier for some reason or the other. Few had retired due to physical injuries and others for the age factor. Kristin Armstrong has suffered a collar-bone injury, in spite of which at the age of 38 she made a sensational comeback just after 23 days of her injury by qualifying for the 18-mile time trial and road race. Romanian three times Olympic winner Catalina Ponor in 2005 had decided to retire from the sport but now it is the great Romanian Nadia Comaneci who is mentoring the gymnast for the comeback in London Olympic 2012. Similarly Australian swimmer Libby Trickett, who had won three Olympic gold medals and in all six medals is planning for a comeback in 2012 for London Olympics for 4x100m freestyle relay squad after announcing the retirement in the year 2009.

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