NBA Lockout 2011 News – What Is Going to Happen?

As you may know as a fellow sports fan you would know many football fans across the world have been struggling over the recent NFL lockout. And now NBA fans across the world will struggle with the new lockout of the National Basketball Association otherwise known as the NBA. Some ESPN and other professional sports writers and reporters are predicting that the 2011 NBA lockout is going to be a lot worse than the 2011 NFL lockout. Some of the reporters even go so far to say that the NBA may not even have a season this year. I wish this was not true but we have to face the facts, it is all about the money and how much everyone gets paid.

Problem – First off what starts every lockout in the history of sports is the problem that somewhere someone is not getting paid enough throughout the ranks of the organization. It was up to me I would just have them play and just have a flat salary but that is not how the world works in every player is not of equal talent. And in this case the NBA 2011 lockout was primarily caused by the NBA officials and the NBPA (otherwise known as the national basketball players Association) So Let’s cut to the chase. The Problem is that the collective bargaining agreement has expired and the NBA players in the commissioners cannot come to an agreement. A collective bargaining agreement is the profit share between the players and the owners and all of the rules and obligations they must comply with. This is the same problem that happened the NFL the players in the commissioners could not agree on the collective bargaining agreement just like the NBA. Although rumor has it that the NBA collective bargaining … Read More...

Chuck Your Television

When you have young children and you need to do a chore or take a break from them, the easiest and cheapest thing to do is sit them in front of the television. According to several news stories this year, parents are doing this more often than in the past and starting when their children are very young-even babies. The problem is you could be doing more harm than good.

The most disturbing story to hit the press was the study lead by Dr. Dimitri A. Christakis at Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center, Seattle, Wash. His team concluded watching television as a toddler raises the risk by almost 10 percent of being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) by age 7.
If this is true, Christakis’ research validates the advice the Academy of American Pediatrics gave in 1998. The Academy said children under two shouldn’t watch any television, and children two and older should be restricted to one to two hours per day.

Even though it gives you the chance to do the dishes faster or take a well-deserved break, could you do what is right for your child? Could you turn your television off, or, even worse, chuck it?
Ten years ago, my wife and I got rid of our television. Except for three weeks, when we brought it back to watch the 2002 Winter Olympics, our set sat in a storage unit until we threw it away about two years ago.
When we were thinking about getting rid of our television, we didn’t consider what the Academy of American Pediatrics said. We couldn’t have imagined an increase in ADHD.

Our thoughts centered on the fact our children couldn’t handle television. Their lives were consumed by it. They wouldn’t come to dinner on time, and they … Read More...

A Brief History of Triathlons

Like a lot of people, you may believe that triathlons owe their origins to the athletes of Ancient Greece. Actually, however, their roots are considerably closer, in both time and  first true triathlon

Would you believe that the first triathlon was sponsored by the San Diego Track Club in 1974? There was a somewhat similar event, called “Les Trois Sports”, in France in 1920, which was only a 3km run, 12km bike ride and a swim across the Marne River. But the San Diego event was the first competition ever referred to as a triathlon.

Whose idea was it?

That first San Diego race was the brainchild of Don Shanahan and Jack Johnstone. They convinced the S.D. Track Club to sponsor the event, handled all the preparation logistics and directed the race. The swim, peddle, run sequence seemed to them to make the most sense to them, and they personally briefed the entrants of that first race, and shook their hands afterward.

With only 46 entrants, it may seem odd that that San Diego race touched off such a popular competition. But within four years, it was copied, on a slightly larger scale, in Hawaii. John Collins, a U.S. Navy Commander, decided that such a race would be a perfect way to settle an old debate of which was more physically fit, a runner or a swimmer.
He and his wife had both competed in the San Diego triathlon twice, and Collins saw an opportunity to combine three separate Hawaiian competitions to form the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon. Thus were joined the Waikiki Rough Water Swim (2.4 mile), the Oahu Bike Race (112 mile) and the Honolulu Marathon (26.2 mile).

Since that time, triathlons have continued to grow in popularity and there are now many such races around the world, many … Read More...